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Saint Barbara is an independent UK-based consultancy firm that offers specialist advice to the world's metal, minerals and mining industries.

Latest Metals and Mining Sector Projects

  • March 2022 Shipping – Advice on specification of steel scrap cargo. Valuation of steel cargoes marooned in Odessa. Valuation of nickel ore cargo.
  • February 2022 Shipping – Advice on carriage of various cargoes – Soda ash, bentonite and copper concentrates.
  • January 2022 Shipping – Advice on cargo of lead ingots contaminated with seawater.
  • December 2021 Shipping – Advice on iron ore concentrate cargo.
  • November 2021 Shipping – Advice on carriage of iron ore pellets cargo.
  • October 2021 Shipping – Valuation of cargo of copper concentrate. Advice on carriage of various cargoes – phosphate rock, pyroxenite pyrites and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI).
  • September 2021 Shipping – Advice on carriage of various cargoes – coal tar pitch pencil, sulphur and iron ore.
  • August 2021 Shipping – Advice on dewatering ores and concentrates by liquefaction. Advice on testing procedures for identifying cargo as iron ore fines either Direct Reduced Iron (DRI (C)).
  • July 2021 Expert Witness – Review of advanced gold acquisition scheme. Shipping – Advice on condition of coal cargo and advice on contaminated cargo of salt.
  • June 2021 Shipping – Advice on carriage of silico-manganese cargoes. Advice on lime washing of vessel hold structures to protect from corrosion by salt cargo.
  • April 2021 Advice on transportation of self-heating zinc concentrate cargo.
  • March 2021 Ongoing Expert Witness - Dispute concerning name, characteristics, specifications and contract terms for consignments of copper concentrate.
  • January 2021 Expert Witness – Dispute between processing equipment supplier and mining company over design and performance of equipment.
  • December 2020 Expert Witness - Dispute concerning name, characteristics, specifications and contract terms for consignments of copper concentrate and shipping advice on carriage of nickel ore.
  • November 2020 Shipping - Advice on loading and carriage of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) cargo.
  • October 2020 Investigation into theft of tin concentrate consignments, Central Africa
  • September 2020 Ongoing input into feasibility study (advising on metallurgical pilot plant testing and concentrate product quality) for a Ni-Cu-PGM Project, Finland
  • August 2020 Expert Witness - Advice on Exploration Techniques for a Judicial Review of Exploration Licences in Northern Ireland
  • July 2020 Investigation into in insurance claim for loss of copper concentrates at a Far Eastern smelter due to a typhoon.
  • June 2020 Investigation into alleged tonnage loss and change in quality of copper concentrate shipped from Peru to Malaysia.
  • April 2020 Input into feasibility study (advising on metallurgical pilot plant testing and concentrate product quality) for a Finnish Ni-Cu-PGM Project.
  • March 2020 Due diligence on the assets of a Lead-Zinc smelter in Germany, for a potential buyer.
  • February 2020 Assistance with DRI concept study in Africa (mining, beneficiation and pellet plant issues).
  • January 2020 Risk assessment of Turkish Trona (Soda Ash) deposit for investment bank.
  • September 2019 Expert Witness representing the Buyer in a dispute over the value of a consignment of Nickel Oxide.
  • August 2019 Review of zinc rich steel dust recycling process.
  • July 2019 Expert tin processing advice on a project in the CIS.
  • June 2019 Opinion on mining risk at a gold deposit in Kyrgystan. Expert witness reporting on spent drilling muds.
  • May 2019 Expert witness appearance on zinc processing in London Arbitration.
  • April 2019 Petcoke and Indonesian self-heating coal advice.
  • March 2019 Environmental audit on secondary lead processing plant, S Korea. Advice on manganese ore pricing.
  • February 2019 Review of antimony processing plant design for a potential lender. Advice on radioactivity of containerised PVC cargo.
  • January 2019 Advice on zinc retorting. Market valuation of sound arrived rock phosphate cargo.
  • December 2018 Two confidential witness appearances at London and Geneva arbitrations. Advice on pet coke sales and self-heating coal.
  • November 2018 Advice on manganese ore transportable moisture limit. Pricing of manganese and chromite ores.
  • October 2018 Due Diligence and valuation of coal deposits in Bosnia Herzegovenia. Advice on caked cement and di-ammonnium phosphate cargoes.
  • September 2018 Bulk shipping advice on a confidential intermediate mineral product.
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